Race Fuel OG feminized 5 zaden – Chronic Caviar

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Genetics: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
Crossing: OG Kush x Face Off OG
Flowering time indoor: 56-63 days
Height indoor: 70-110cm
Yield indoor: 450-600/m²
Lifecycle outdoor: September-october
Height outdoor: 150-200cm
Yield outdoor: 500-800 g/plant
THC percentage: 20-22%

The Race Fuel OG aka Race Fuel is surely one of the best OG Kush dominant cultivars in our catalogue. The name of this strain reveals it all. Prepare for a lot of gassy, fuel, lemon and pine combo that we all so love about the OG Kush. The Race Fuel originates from the Northern West Coast of the US, namely Oregon, by a famous breeder under the Archive Seeds name. This brand is responsible for bringing into the cannabis world many great cultivars and crosses that are all characterized by an amazing terpene profiles and a lot of THC. Race Fuel OG is your “one hitter” type of weed. Already after the first puff it immediately hits you right in the forehead and behind-the-eyes. Therefore, it is one of our own favorite strains.

Race Fuel OG is a cross of the High Octane OG and the famous Face Off OG cross which is a parent of many amazing other US cannabis strains. This combo is a full blown classic dank fuel OG. The gas petrol from High Octane and the lemon and pine terpene profiles from the Face Off OG make for a great strong Kush plant with a super potent effect. It represents everything that one expects from an indica dominant cultivar when it comes to its structure and characteristics. What really makes the Race Fuel OG stand out among other great, strong, kush cultivars, is that the kerosine, petrol aroma is overwhelming. Already in the early stages of the flowering period you can notice the abundance of essential oils being formed, and it will stink the whole room so please don’t forget about a decent carbon filter.

Race Fuel OG may grow a bit lanky if untrained, but it will produce very dense buds. Even though the flowers are compact, the yield is not belonging to high, however the potent effect and very stinky aromas make up for a bit of less of the yield. Taking it up to 70 days in the flowering will provide the most optimal cannabinoid development. Taking it down at around 8-9 weeks will make the effects less potent and more uplifting and creative. This strain prefers lower temperatures in the flowering (22-25*C), and she likes a lot of air circulation.
As is the case with many other potent OG Kush crosses, the medicinal range of Race Fuel OG is also very wide. It can serve as a chronic pain release, sleep aid, muscle pain, and it can help treating many of the mental disorders or even cancer due to its high percentage of THC and the abundance of the highly anti-inflamatory terpene called Myrcene. All in all, the lovers of strong cannabis with that old-school dank touch to it will surely gravitate towards the Race Fuel OG but we are sure that anybody who will try this cultivar will definitely be convinced.

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