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  • Snail | Save the Princess Collection
    Snail | Save the Princess Collection

    Step in shoes of a mighty knight who needs to save the princess. There are many challenges ahead of you – searching for coins and trade them for special herbs, fighting the dragon and finally after a long adventure rolling up…

    € 2,00
  • Snail | Pure Fun Doodle Collection
    Snail | Pure Fun Doodle Collection

    Fresh feel and funky vibe. Drawing carefree, going with the flow and rediscovering the child in you. Pure fun, that is what doodles are all about. Pick up a paper and choose your colours. Doodle collection of Snail custom rolling…

    € 2,00
  • Snail | DEJ SKAD’ TO Collection
    Snail | DEJ SKAD’ TO Collection

    DEJ SKAD’ TO! Limited Edition Collection Box is the result of a photo contest we organised in collaboration with Fotogank photo collective to support the photography scene during these turbulent times.

    We produced a new limited…

    € 10,00
  • Snail | Secret Garden Collection
    Snail | Secret Garden Collection

    Not all flowers smell sweet. In fact, some have downright offensive smells. Flowers have unique smells because they attract different pollinators. Are you more like a bee, moth or a butterfly and be drawn to sweet-smelling flowers…

    € 2,00
  • Snail | Hand of God Collection
    Snail | Hand of God Collection

    The Hand of God or Hamsa is an ancient talisman that symbolizes feminine power, particularly the open right hand is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength, and is seen as potent in deflecting the…

    € 2,00
  • Snail | Tiki Totem Collection
    Snail | Tiki Totem Collection

    A totem is a spirit being, sacred object or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as a family, clan or tribe. Try one of the rolling papers and find your own guardian spirit. Start talking in their language…

    € 2,00
  • Snail | CannaKlan Collection
    Snail | CannaKlan Collection

    Cannaklan`s ain`t nothing to fuck with, cause Cannaklan`s got something to roll with. Sounds familiar? You have this kind of crew too? Well then, which one of them are you? Are you Sensi the Cannabica that enjoys every aspect of…

    € 2,00
  • Snail | Stoned Collection
    Snail | Stoned Collection

    Enjoy smoking from the most comical designs ever! The Stoned collection offers you funny and humorous pictures to keep you company while doing your favourite thing. Chase the mouse, run from the police, all of this and much more…

    € 2,00
  • Snail | Mossy Giant Gnome Collection
    Snail | Mossy Giant Gnome Collection

    We are proud to introduce you Snailpaper˙s collab with Amsterdam`s finest illustrator & graphic designer Mossy Giant. His almost neurotic fascination with detailed line-work and stories within stories are not for the easily…

    € 2,00
  • Snail | B Movies Collection
    Snail | B Movies Collection

    Select your favourite movie collection! From dinosaurs to aliens, hot chicks and crab men, the B movies collection offers you a wide range of retro designs, which are more than suitable for all you movie buffs. Comes in maxi pack,…

    € 2,00
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